Mae – Gene Ha

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I was reminiscing about Top 10 and decided to see what Gene Ha was working on. He has this comic book that he started on Kickstarter. It was independent, moved to Dark Horse, and is currentlywith Lion Forge. Volume 1 is all that’s available right now.

Mae Fortell’s older sister Abbie disappeared when they were young, and she suddenly reappears in Mae’s life 8 years later. Abbie claims that she was in another world, much to Mae’s incredulity, and is soon backed up when individuals from that other world come after Abbie. Mae’s pulled into Abbie’s world and is mixed into her escapades.

While I’m happy to read Gene Ha’s work again, I can’t recommend this comic as it is. Volume 1 introduces the characters and handwaves some of the world, but there’s nothing in-depth. Abbie is a caricature of a brash, head-first hero and Mae is captured by her wake. Mae herself is passive, and let’s hope that’s not going to be her endpoint personality. For a title character, it can’t be; there must be development.

It’s just not in volume 1.

Volume 1 is too shallow, and I’m not drawn into any of the characters. I hope volume 2 will give everyone more personality and charm, but until then…

I want to like it, but I don’t (right now).

Purchased: Sept 7, 2018.
Finished: Sept. 7, 2018